Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Time Has Come

Well, everyone. The time has come to head to Duke for surgery. Lisa and I have experienced such a roller coaster of emotions over the last few weeks that we're not sure what to expect this week. But, we can say that we have the best friends, neighbors, family and church that anyone could ever ask for. The support that you all have provided to us has been, to say the least, overwhelming. So many prayers, cards, gifts, phone calls, toys for Jack, snacks, etc. have been provided that we feel very blessed.

Our schedule is to head out Monday. Surgery is Wednesday. We won't know the time until they call us on Tuesday.

I will try to post an update as soon as I can either Wednesday or Thursday but we will see how things go. He is expected to be in intensive care for about 2 days before being transferred to a regular room.

Thanks again everyone for your support.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!

We celebrated Jack's 7th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese Monday night. Now, I know what you're thinking. Screaming kids, loud music, etc. They even play music in the bathrooms. There's nothing like the Chuck E. Cheese band covering "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train 26 times in one evening. But, actually, it was quite enjoyable. It wasn't that crowded. There were only about 325 kids there. Only kidding. Mondays are their least busiest night. And, I got rid of all the tokens! But, more on that later.

Thanks to all who came to celebrate along with us. Especially the two school teachers who had just endured a long rainy day stuck inside with their own kids. Jack had a great time and I think the adults did too.

Now about those tokens. I have this desire, some would say obsession, with getting rid of all the tokens and not having to take them home. It's just more clutter and then we'd have to remember to bring them the next time (cause you know there's going to be a next time) and then they just keep accumulating and ... you get the picture.

So, as Jack continued to play, I quietly played along side, generously handing out tokens to anyone who wanted to join in and when it was time to go, we had to my great joy, completely exhausted the supply of tokens! Yipee! So, then we got in line to feed the 800 tickets into the ticket-eating machine which spits out a little piece of paper that says you had 800 tickets. You then take it to the counter, stand in line again behind more kids all trying to figure out which toy they want. So, then Jack picks out a couple little plastic things with his 800 tickets and we turn to head back to the table. Then, this little manager, looked about 16, comes over and says "Hey little man. Did you have fun? Well, good. How about a couple more tokens to play a couple more games?"

I could see the headline now. "Local man strangles 16 year old Chuck E. Cheese manager"

So, Jack insists, of course, in using the tokens, which I readily agree to and we hoist him up on the merry-go- round for two spins. During the 2nd spin, a lady comes over with her 1 year old and places him on one of the horses. No problem. Right? Wrong. She says "Oh, do you mind? Here have a token." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Shannon won by 10 points by the way

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chapel Hill

We had an awesome weekend in Chapel Hill for Jake's graduation from UNC and rather than blather on about it I will just show you pictures, so here they are....

Jack and Lily get acquainted

Jake and Lily (Lily is biting, actually a very common event)

See what I mean

Dinner at Carolina Brewery: Natalie, Marybeth and Tina
Now, where is John Grisham?

Jake and Natalie

Graduation day: Jake with his grandparents, Mary and Andy

Jake and his very proud moma, Lisa

At Kenan Stadium: Kris and Shannon

Over 5600 finally seated

Carolyn, Meghan, Nat, Jessica, Lisa, Jake, Daniel, Jack, Eliot, Kurt and Kris

Jack and Jake

Celebrating Jake's birthday on Monday at The Carolina Inn