Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's official..

Yes, it's official. CAYLIE is now a Swiger! Karen gave us the word yesterday that she is now a member of our household. Woo hoo! Except for occasional paws4people appearances and prison visits, she is now an official Swiger doggy and will be staying with us permanently.

And keeping with the tradition of all Swiger dogs, CAYLIE will be given a middle name. Before her, there was Lacy Belle (God rest her soul) and Moe Andre to honor my parents (believe me they were THRILLED). Also, there is Maggie Ann (for Lisa). So now, there is CAYLIE JO in honor of Lisa's sister Jolene.

Somehow, I think Jolene IS actually honored.

Anyway, please welcome CAYLIE JO SWIGER to our family.

Over the next couple of months she will continue to train Lisa and I in how to do things right.