Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update on surgery

Met with Jack's doctors yesterday and are looking at the end of May/1st of June for Jack's surgery. He has to be weaned off the depakote as it interferes with platelets and they are critical for clotting. Six weeks are required to get him off the medicine so that's why there is the delay.

The procedure will last about 4 hours and he will be in intensive care for a couple days followed by about 5 days in a regular room. They will then move him to inpatient physical therapy at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte. It is expected that he will not lose much functionality with this surgery. The neurosurgeon expects him to recover relatively quickly due to his young age.

It is unclear what to expect seizure-wise after the surgery. With some patients, the seizures completely go away and never return. Some have a couple post-op. In some cases, the seizures are reduced in intensity or can be better controlled with medication. All in all, there is roughly at least a 50% chance of being completely seizure free with no more meds required.

We will let you know the exact date as we progress towards the surgery.