Friday, May 29, 2009

Cracker Casserole

That got your attention, didn't it? It's actually broccoli casserole, but Jack won't eat anything green, so he thinks I make it with brown and green crackers. He actually believes it. Anyway, that's one of the dishes I made for our cookout when CAYLIE came. We had to tell everyone to not say the word "broccoli". It was rather amusing.

We had a great time. Jolene and the kids came over Saturday around lunch and I suggested Bojangles chicken, so they could experience some southern culture. I had a few concerns when we ordered because it's all spicy now. I asked a few too many questions and Jolene said they were going to spit in our food. Back at home we got ready for CAYLIE to come at 3:00. That gave us an hour to work before the others came. Jack practiced a few commands and gave her reward bones. Then Kyria and Heidi put on the special harness for Jack to use for walking and going up the stairs. It will take a lot of practice, but it went well. They have to develop a rhythm to their movements.

After we got up the stairs, she sniffed around a bit then went into Jack's room. We had her get up on the bed and snuggle on his blankets. She is borrowing Ike, who is a stuffed dog Jack's teachers gave him in preschool. It will carry his scent back to the prison with her.

People came and MaryLou finally got to meet Kyria and Heidi. Kyria founded paws4people and Heidi is the trainer for the prison in Hazelton, West Virginia. Karen, who is the trainer here in North Carolina, came with her family, as well as Eliot's brother and family and a friend from across the street. The last time the "paws" were in they got to meet Jack's godparents, Mark and Diane. Eventually we hope they get to meet many more people.

The next morning Karen and CAYLIE went to church with us. Pastor Ward and MaryLou introduced her to the congregation and of course, Jack wanted to talk in the microphone. It was also announced that approximately $2700 was raised at the men's BBQ auction for paws4people in Jack's name. In addition, we are hoping that Thrivent provides some matching funds. We'd like to thank everyone at Advent Lutheran Church in Charlotte that donated or participated in the cause.

CAYLIE was so good and stayed quietly in the pew. She did go up for communion though. She is after all, Lutheran now. Everyone was very kind and enjoyed petting her. It was sad to see her go. We may not see her until she graduates in the fall.

We just love CAYLIE and she will be so good for Jack. We still need a lot of help with fundraising. If you feel you can donate to such a wonderful cause, click here.

Mitchell and CAYLIE get acquainted

Kyria helps Jack with some training

Jack shows early success

The dynamic duo

Heidi, CAYLIE, Jack and Kyria