Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack at the campground

We had the absolutely best 4 day weekend! My sister Jolene, her boyfriend Lonnie, his daughter Abby and my nephew Mitchell came down from Ohio. Jolene's dogs also came; Chiquita and Chance. Lonnie has gotten into Nascar, so the whole family came down for the race. Jack was so excited about going to the campground. He has never been and Ms. Cook (his individual assistant) gave him Jiffy Pop to use. They didn't have a campfire, so we did it in the camper. He loved it.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. They came on Thursday and got here a little early, so they came to the house. Lonnie backed that big camper into our driveway and Jack thought it was a bus when he came home from school. We let him ride in it to the campground, which was actually quite nice. Jack was fascinated with all the planes pulling banners and helicopters, not to mention countless buses going by. Very fun for a 6 year old. We all played corn hole, which is a game people in Ohio play. Jack won of course.

We spent some time Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the campground just hanging out. By Sunday he was done. Panic over bugs set in. I'm surprised it took him so long. He has developed an absolute fear of flying insects, especially flies. Until then he had a great time. He loved all the attention from his Aunt Jolene and kept her busy getting him snacks. He ate the entire time. Abby and Mitchell were good about letting him hang out in the camper and Lonnie played corn hole with him.

Our weekend continued with a visit with our precious CAYLIE which I will blog about next...