Monday, August 3, 2009

Ready for Charleston

As we look forward to our vacation to Charleston this weekend, I wanted to update you on the seizures. We are trying the vimpat again with a bit more success. The seizures seem milder. When he is startled, he seems to be able to arrest them easier and they only last a couple seconds instead of a minute or so. But, that being said, he still has violent ones from time to time and it may be that he has the type of seizures in which the medications lose their effectiveness after awhile. We are still hoping to get in to see the doctor in Chapel Hill before October.

We are very excited about going to Charleston this weekend with Kris, Shannon, Jake and Natalie. It will only be for the weekend but it is one of our favorite places to visit and will be nice break from work and doctor appointments.

Jack says, "You rock, dude".