Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Graduation day draws near....

This Saturday, the much anticipated event at Hazelton, West Virginia finally takes place. Lisa, Jack and I along with my parents, Mary and Andy Swiger, will be heading to the US Penitentiary Secure Female Facility and Camp to attend a very special graduation. CAYLIE, will be graduating from the paws4people program that she has been in since she was a small puppy.

CAYLIE has been preparing to become a full service dog and since last winter, specifically, Jack's service dog. After graduation, she will come to North Carolina and live with Karen, her trainer, as she begins her transition to our household. Lisa, Jack and I will all have to be trained on how to handle her, especially in social situations. As many of you know, CAYLIE's biggest job will be to provide mobility and stability to Jack.

We will update you when we get back.