Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The next Jim Abbott

Many of you may remember the incredible Major League pitcher a few years back that was born without a right hand. Jim Abbott was truly an inspiration to watch. He would throw the ball and shift the glove from his right forearm to his left hand in one motion, ready to field the ball if necessary. He was actually a very good pitcher. Incredibly, he pitched a no hitter for the Yankees in 1993. He now currently works as motivational speaker.

Well, we may have our own little "Jim Abbott" on our hands on our Wii system. When Jack and I play baseball on Wii, I can't seem to hit him when he's pitching. His batting is improving and I'm afraid he's going to be trouncing Dad before too long. He varies his pitches so much that I can't put two hits together and score any runs. Most of our games end in scoreless ties! Like I said, when he starts hitting the ball, I'm in big trouble.

Guess I'd better start practicing when he's in bed.