Monday, June 21, 2010

Jack's journey in pictures

four days post-op in the PICU

Jack and CAYLIE

green cupcakes and Aunt Jolene's birthday

a visit with therapy dog Gus

pt at Duke

the critical care team

leaving the floor at Duke

the ambulance was huge

leaving Duke in the Critical Care ambulance

working in therapy with Anne

Jack and Steve Smith on a recent visit to the Panther floor at Levine.

Here are a few pictures from Duke and Levine. Jack is progressing, but can't sleep well at all and is quite fussy. We hope to be home on Thursday.

The care we received at Duke was amazing. It has been a hard recovery for monkey, but he will be okay. Levine is our comfort zone. We have been in this hospital four times. The doctors and nurses are kind and loving.

We appreciate all the prayers, gifts, food and visits. We are very humbled by the love we have been given. Thank you all.