Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jack's progress

Wow. Can't believe it's been over a month since the last update. I will definitely try to do better in the future.

The good news is that Jack has been improving the last few weeks in terms of emotional stability as well as his mobility. He is much less fussy than he was after the surgery and he doesn't wake up crying any more. He also is gaining strength in his legs. Lisa and I kind of layed down the law that he wasn't going to be allowed to scoot around anymore. We are making him walk everywhere including upstairs.

He actually was due to participate in a race today at the school but it was cancelled due to the weather. He has been using a walker at school (instead of the motorized wheelchair) and really moves quite quickly in it. It is great exercise for his legs.

We go back to see the Duke doctors in a couple weeks.

The next big task: potty training him. We have attempted this several times with little success so if anyone has any ideas, don't keep them to yourself.

Bye for now.