Saturday, November 6, 2010


Jack had a great time at Halloween. We trudged over much of the neighborhood taking in as much candy as they could dish out. Halloween has always been so much fun with our neighbors as the adults use it as a means to socialize. Jack dressed as Woody from Toy Story. He kept saying "There's a snake in my boot" all night long.

Jack continues to improve both from an emotional and physical standpoint. We are really pushing the walking and I think he is starting to accept this as his primary means of getting around. He was playing on his computer the other day, which by the way, on which he is requiring less and less guidance, and he decided to get off the chair and head in the living room to watch tv. He did this all without talking about it or asking for help or anything. He is starting to discover his independence and it is a cool thing to see.

I posted some pictures of Halloween below.