Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puppy Watch

Jack continues to do well. He is still too thin, but the seizures are much better. We had 6 days with zero, but yesterday he had 2 very short ones at school. I think the same thing happened last Monday. Weekends can be tiring.

Our foster dog Bonnie is really fun and quite chubby. Her puppy is due very soon. We don't really know when, so Jack is helping me take her temperature every day. His job is to pull it out after we're done. For some reason, he really likes doing that. We have learned all kinds of things about whelping. Bonnie's temp continues to be in the normal range, about 100-101. When it drops to 98 or 99, birth should be imminent. She is only expecting one puppy. I can feel it move all around her fat tummy, so we hope it is born healthy. She was severely neglected before she was rescued.

Jack goes to the neurologist today and I hope Dr. Nelson will let us increase the baclofen again. We have been waiting for his seizures to calm down. His right arm has lost a lot of progress because the baclofen had to be reduced in case it was causing increased seizure activity. The pump is not supposed to do that, so we are hopeful the seizures will stay controlled with an increase.

We are very grateful to the men's group at our church for allowing proceeds from the May 9th barbecue to go to paws4people. Unfortunately we can't be there. Our son Jake turns 21 May 10th, which is Mother's Day. Our family will celebrate together in Chapel Hill. Jack will also be featured in an article for Lutheran Family Services highlighting his service dog, which we can't wait to get.

We'll keep you posted on the puppy...